Monday, April 10, 2006


Blogs creating News

Blogs can be an interesting reading but you should always take the claims with a grain of salt. But if many of them repeat the same story, even professional journalists fall for it and publish a story without further checking and also the Wikipedians can't resist.

The Story:
Since 2003 the Web is full of gossip about Iran opening a new oil bourse (the "Iranian Oil Bourse") where crude oil is supposed to be traded in ÔéČuro instead of US-$. This currency switch to the Petroeuro would result in a stark decline of influence of the USA and maybe even in an economic crisis. Therefore the USA is forced to attack before the bourse opens in March 2006. Some go even further and claim that the use of the euro as a deposit currency by Saddam Hussein was the real reason for the invasion.

What some journalists did:
Some newspapers discovered the story and published about it without checking the facts. Others dismissed it completly and labeled it "hoax" (e.g. the German "Der Spiegel"). The articles of the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" were especially hillarious because the Politics section recognized the hoax while the Economics section believed in it a the same time.

The Wikipedia is known for its open structure and peer-system to review articles but it took a long time to consider the article about the Iranian Oil Bourse for deletion because of its lack of facts. The discussions are still going on because there are still some "believers".

The Facts:
So, if you got the point of this article you will now check my claims. Remember, this is just some blog.

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